Arches, Sprays, And More

Swags for wedding arches and back drops                                                                                                                           

Arch topper or Swags 

Just $55.00 





        Arch topper with two side sprays Total: $75.00

   Very Large topper for top of arch
Straight topper made for the side straight part. 
This set $145.00     

Wire Arch with arch topper and two side sprays shown below. 
Side sprays just $10.00 each

Arch Garland with bow  ( 6 foot long )
Only $25.00
Garlands are wrapped with matching tulle and bows

Garlands also can be used as centerpieces for long rectangle tables along with a few beads, cut glass or rose petals with candle in the center.

                This set below was designed for a 12 ft long table with a spray in the center.

                                                        2 matching 6 foot garlands                       

           Large spray for table $65.00            

PEW BOUQUETS with ribbon and tulle ONLY $20.00 EACH

Pew Bows just $15.00 each

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