Calla Lily Bouquets

    Calla Lily bouquets   
Brides bouquet is $75.00 
Maid-Matrons bouquets $40.00
Bridesmaids $ 35.00
Toss bouquet $30.00

Sunbeam Yellow and Spay Blue lily set
Brides large round bouquet
                                                                  front of brides bouquet
Brides - Moh - Bridesmaid bouquet

Handels on all bouquets

Men's boutonnieres
Tangerine and Ivory Calla set
Brides large round bouquet pictured with Moh and bridesmaid bouquets
Men's boutonnieres
Ladies pin on corsages

Red and Ivory set

Brides large round bouquets
Plum and Ivory

Red and Ivory
Matching bridesmaid bouquets

Ivory and Blue brides round bouquet

Ivory and Brown brides bouquet
 MOH Bouquet  round bouquet
Brides all Ivory Cascading style 
 Plum Lapis and Regency Purple  brides bouquet


Bridesmaid bouquet above
Handle options

Sunbeam Yellow Plum and Ivory

Malibu Blue and Ivory

Cascading Calla lily and stargazer set   
Malibu Blue and Ivory cascading bouquet

Ivory and Malibu blue cascading bouquet           
Shades of purple Ivory cascading style bouquet

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