Church Decor And Holiday Wreaths

Church Decorations, Holiday Wreaths and Corsages!

Pew Baskets!
Pew bouquet arrangements!

Custom Christmas, Halloween, Baby Shower,Beach Themed, Birthday, Anniversary, Spring, Wreaths
Wedding wreaths are perfect for the church doors or for the inside doors of a banquet room
I just got in 20 pew baskets!

Brown baskets that can be hung with a pew clip or even a piece of duck tape filled with your choice of flowers!
Shown here with white tulle drapped from pew to pew with a pew bouquet arrangement cascading down.
Baskets look nice with pew bouquets or simply dressed with tulle.
Ready to be custom designed with your colors and flowers for your wedding!

Basket arrangements Only $20.00 Each 
Pew Bouquet Arrangements

Can be taped or hung with pew clips Perfect with white or colored tulle
or 3m plastic clear hooks from your hardware department.


Pink and Brown pew bouquets.


PEW BOUQUETS with ribbon and tulle ONLY $15.00 EACH

Paper cones are made from card stock or heavy stationary paper rolled into a cone and taped.
Arrangements shown here inside a paper cone.
Paper cones are not included.

Custom designed wreaths for all occasions!
Any Holiday or Occasion!
Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, beach themed, Easter, Spring, Summer, 
Winter, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, Valentines Day!


Holiday wreaths ONLY $25.00 each!

NEW Welcome Baby Wreaths! $25.00
Personalize a welcome baby wreath with baby's name!
Perfect for the Baby Showers, Hospital Rooms and the couples front door! 




Baby bottles, pacifiers, It's A Boy Ribbon, It's a Girl Ribbon and bows make a beautiful wreath including Blue or pink bear!
Baby Shower Corsages for the Mother-to-be
Only $15.00

It's a Girl Ribbon in Pink!

It's a Boy Ribbon in Blue!

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