Creative Sets Custom Designed for each bride

Orange and Pink Tropical set with a touch of gold.
This set is personalized with the brides family birthstones.
Every set is specially customized for every bride to make the flowers unique
and special.


 These handles have orange and pink satin beneath gold overlay satin.

The bride wanted her daughter to carry a single orange rose.
Each single rose has a birthstone charm for each daughter.
The birthstone charms are hanging beneath each pearl.

These are pin on corsages for the grandmothers and Mothers. The mother corsages
have the brides and grooms birthstones added to the roses and has a birthstone charm.

 This is a wrist corsage for the flower girl.

This set was designed to match the brides dress.
The brides handle has a lace applique that matches the lace on her dress.

There are pearls on the bottoms of the bouquet handles.

Brides red and pink stargazer bouquet with pearl inlets.

Brides Huge pink peonies and rose show stopper bouquet.
This brides show stopper bouquet has white
satin added to the bottom of the bouquet and has a lace applique that also matches the brides dress

These handles are dark pink satin under a silver overlay with rhinestone ribbon

The dark pink handles are the the bridesmaids, the white handles are for the bride
and toss bouquet. The light pink is for the Matron of honor.
This set was designed for a bride getting married on a cruise ship
in the Bahamas. The brides bouquet has small starfish.

This is the backside of the brides cascading bouquet. Almost as pretty as the front.
Bridesmaids bouquets with white satin handle with crisscrossed ribbon.
This cascading style bouquet was designed for a bride getting married in Las Vegas. 
She wanted something unique with touches of black added in.

The backside of the cascading bouquet in Ivory.



Azalea, Ivory and Tangerine


White or Red Roses with White or burgundy wine calla lilies
Little white and burgundy calla lilies can be added to your bouquets!


Aqua, Lime Green and Ivory Brides
Cascading bouquet
Matches Turquoise, Pool or Aqua bridesmaid dresses!


White, Yellow Roses and Yellow Calla Lilies

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