Daisies and Gerber Daisies



This is the brides large cascading bouquet of Vibrant Colorful Gerber Daisies and regular Daisies full of yellow, green, yellow and pink Calla Lilies with 4 White Butterflies!
Imagine this set with black bridesmaid bouquets!

Men's Calla Lily boutonnieres


More Spring Cascading bouquets! This has more white and pink!

 More Greenery has been added to this cascading Style!
Bridesmaid Round Bouquets!

Men's Boutonnieres In Yellow, Pink and White. Mothers corsage in Yellow.


 This set has more Orange, Green and yellow!
I can design all of these styles to match your colors!
Perfect with Davids Bridal Lime  
Neon Colored Brides Cascading Bouquet  Perfect with Davids Bridal Lime and Hot Pink!
 All Yellow Gerber Bridesmaid bouquets

Davids Bridal Begonia colored Gerber daisy and pool blue
Bridesmaid bouquet with 1 white butterfly
Brides large bouquet with 3 white butterflies and pool blue tiger Lilly with begonia Gerber daisies
 Teal, Yellow and lime green
Brides Gerber daisy and calla lily bouquet set with butterflies

David's Bridal Gardenia and Malibu Blue Colored Gerber Daisy set with lots of sparkle
                                                              Bridesmaid and Brides large bouquet
                                 Malibu Gerber Daisy's and White Calla Lilly Brides Cascading style Bouquet
                                                    Gerber Daisy bouquets that match Davids Bridal Lapis, Orchid, Amethyst
Gerber daisy bouquets that match David's Bridal Wisteria, Lapis and Champagne
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