Feathers, Damask Print, And Other Designs

Feathers, Damask Print, Beads, Pearls, Hearts, Sea shells, Butterflies, Swarovski Cyrstals and anything else you can think of..
If you can imagine it, I can design it !!!

Have a Special idea for your one of a kind bouquet?
Don't be afraid to ask!



Feather Centerpieces? Black Magic Roses with Black Feathers make a beautiful bouquet to go with any feather idea.

Brides Bouquet with Black Feathers and White Stephanotis with Round Pearl Inlets.

Red and Black Wedding?
Red Roses Black Hearts with a black ostrich feather!

1 Dozen Real touch red roses with Guinea Feathers Set
Brides bouquet  
Centerpieces $45.00 and basket  $85.00     Arch topper $65.00
Mother corsages and mens boutonnieres

Calla Lily Large Bouquet with two large white Ostrich Feathers.
1 dozen calla lilies, White Gerber Daisies and white and yellow Daisies with two yellow carnations, representing
a mother who has past.

Matron of Honors Calla Lily Bouquet with 1 large white Ostrich feather! 8 large calla lilies with lavender accents.

Black and White Wedding?
Champagne Glass Centerpiece!    Only $25.00!!!!     
Great Deal Because the Ostrich Feathers alone are priced $3.00 each at Hobby Lobby.


Starfish and sea shells for a tropical feel!!

Brides All White Gardenias, Stephanotis, hydrangeas with purple/plum ribbon and accent plum flowers make this bouquet very unique

Matrons of Honors bouquet with small plum daisies 


Frosted glass bead butterflies would look great added to any bouquet!   
4 white Butterflies in a very large Gerber Daisy and calla lily bouquet!

White and yellow calla lily men's boutonnieres.
Something blue butterfly on Brides bouquet


Black Beaded Hearts can be added to centerpieces or bouquets!

Please email me with any questions, comments, or orders
you may have at: bethlee13@gmail.com
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