Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Do you ever make arrangements using real flowers?
    A. No. It's not that I can't, but do to the fact that it takes referidgeration, careful storage, and lifespan of the flowers, quite frankly, it is easier to work with silk flowers.
        They can be kept for years before, and after they are made into an arrangement.
2. Q. Do you keep the flower arrangements that are on your website in stock to buy?
    A. No. All of my flower arrangements are custom made. These are simply the arrangements I have done in the past. I can recreate any of them, or can make something
         completely new. I simply store a certain amount of various flowers to make arrangements when an order comes in.
3. Q. Are they expensive?
    A. No. Quite the opposite. Because they are silk, I can get any type year round, and in any color. Again, because they are not real, I have no cost of referidgeration
         equipment or cold storage costs to pass on.
4. Q. Do they look cheap?
    A. No. Silk flowers are just as beautiful as the real thing. Most people would never notice untill they touched the pedals or grabbed a stem. sometimes they still wouldn't
5. Q. Why should I choose silk flowers over the real thing?
    A. Simply put, If you just want an arrangement for a short period, stick to the real thing. If you would like a keepsake, or an arrangement that will last forever, I can do that
         for you with beautiful silk flowers.
6. Q. Do you have a storefront that I can visit?
    A. No. I currently work from my home and sell over the internet. I do however give personal service through email with pictures and even text messaging.
7. Q. How far in advance should I make an order?
    A. It really depends on the size of the order. It's always best to contact me as soon as possible after a wedding date or other event has been set up. I can usually work
         anything out with you though. If I can't meet your deadline, I will tell you in advance not to waste anyones time.
8. Q. How can I pay for my order, and do you acccept credit cards?
    A. I do accept checks, and credit cards via paypal. When an order is finished, I will let you know, and will email you a money request through paypal. You may then follow
         the link sent through the email to the paypal site and pay for your order. Upon confirmation, your order will be shipped via U.S. Postal service or UPS. If you are located
         here in Jacksonville, Fl., I can set up a time for delivery to you and will accept payment at that time.

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