Satin Wrapped Handles, Damask, Pearls and matching satin!

New Damask Print satin Ribbon Bows and Handles!

White Rose Damask set with black bead accents and feathers

 Toss bouquet that doubles as centerpiece
Real touch 1 dozen red roses with Guinea feathers set
with damask bow

Toss Bouquet can be displayed in a Champagne flute glass or a bud vase
as extra decoration for the cake table or gift table until ready to toss after the ceremony 
The toss bouquet handle will be wrapped in satin and have long flowing ribbons. It will look very dramatic as it is being tossed.
 Then whomever catches it can keep in in a budvase as a keepsake.
Turquoise Satin handles and long flowing ribbons OnToss Bouquet



Pearl overlay and White satin Bow


 Cream Satin handle on Bridesmaid bouquet,

Pearl overlay on brides bouquet tied with a cream satin bow.



Brown Satin Handles and Cornflower blue bows


 Ivory Satin handles Brown satin bows



Pearl Overlay and White Satin Bow




Pearl Overlay White Satin Bow


White Satin Handles Apple red Satin Bows


Black Satin Handles Apples red satin bows

Black Satin Handle Fuschia Pink Satin Bow
Ivory Cream Satin Handle Cream and Gold Edge Satin Bow 
Hot Pink with White bows / white with hot pink bows
White pearl overlay on brides bouquet white bow with rhinestone broach
White satin handle with elegant white bow with broach on brides bouquet 
Brides Pearl overlay with white satin bow and broach
                                                                       Lavender Satin handles and long flowing ribbons on flower girl bouquets
Lavender satin with purple bows on bridesmaid bouquets
Black Satin Handels with apple red bows
Purple velvet handels and apple red bows 

Clover green Peacock Ribbon Bow on bridesmaid bouquet with matching handle

                                                Matching handles in satin
                                                          Matching blue handles with lace and Ivory Bow
                                                                                  Silver and plum satin handles with rhinestones
                      Cream satin handles with Lapis and Wisteria bows with hydrangea petals with pearls in the center
                                                                                  Pearl handle Ivory ribbon and pearl broach
Cris cross ribbon on White Satin Handle
with pearls on the bottom of brides handle