Pick Your Bouquet Handles

Rhinestone handles
Silver overlay any color you want. You can have your handle and the Matron of honors handle different from the Toss and bridesmaid bouquets. 
The wrap on the boutonieres can match the handles.

Two bridesmaids are Malibu blue with blue rhinestone ribbon.
 The brides is Ivory with blue rhinestone ribbon

Blue under silver overlay with blue and purple rhinestone ribbon
Men's matching boutonieres

Cascading style bouquet handles matches groom's boutoniere

Handles match the men's boutonieres 
White for the bride and groom
Yellow for the Matron of honor and best man and blue for the 
bridesmaid and groomsmen.

Black and silver rhinestone wrap handles

Satin under gold overlay with gold rhinestone ribbon

Solid Satin with Crisscross ribbon

Pearls on the bottoms of the handles

Burlap and lace