Regency Purple, Lapis, Wisteria, Plum sets

Calla Lilly sets with a variety of handles

                                                                    Regency Tear shape brides bouquet
                                                       Brides cascading style bouquet with Gerber Daisy Set

Lapis and Red rose set
Brides cascading style bouquet Lapis, plum and red rose
Gerber Daisy set with black glittered centers and a lot of feathers

                                                            Gerber daisy and sunflower set
                                                  Ivory, Lavender, Plum, Lapis and a little Sangia set
Lavender, Wisteria plum and white set

Lavender, Regency plum cascading brides bouquet
Bides yellow and regency brides cascading style bouquet