Shabby Chic theme

                  This theme can be custom ordered in your colors!
                 Brides Very Large Bouquet Hot pink,
                                light pink roses full of pearls and rustic
                                                        wood curly's
                                         MOH bouquet    Light Pink roses   
                                           Burlap and lace covered handles with
                                             raffia and pearls
                      3 Bridesmaid white bouquets with wood curls
Burlap handles Lace Raffia and pearls
                     Wrist Corsages for attendants and
                                 special guest only $15.00 each
                                                                                          Men's matching boutonniere
                                                                                                               Two mother corsages

                                 Burlap, Lace and pearls        
Pearls on the bottom for that added Chic!
Burlap and lace ladies corsages and men's boutonnieres