1.PRICES: These are the questions I will ask so I can custom design your set

These are questions that will help me to custom design a set of flowers

special for you.

Is your dress a bright white or more of an Ivory cream?

Is there crystals, rhinestones or pearls on your dress that you would

like to have incorporated into all of the bouquets?

Is there a theme such as : butterflies, diamonds, hearts, feathers,

rustic-shabby chic burlap and lace, Victorian lace, beach-shells-starfish

fall colors, winter wonderland or another?

Brides cascading style bouquet’s are $95.00 each. Pic #1

Brides tear shape bouquets are $80.00 each. Pic #2

Brides large round bouquets are $75.00 each. Pic #3

All Maid/matrons and bridesmaids round bouquets are $40.00 each.

Toss Bouquet $35.00

How many maid of honor do you have?

How many matrons of honor do you have?

What color is your matron of honor wearing?

What color is your maid of honor wearing?

How many bridesmaids do you have?

What color are the bridesmaids wearing?

Do you have any JR. bridesmaids? 

What color are they wearing?

Men’s boutonniere are $7.00 each.

How many men’s boutonnieres will you need?

Groom-best man-father of the bride-father of the groom- groomsmen

ring bearer- ushers.

Do you want all of the boutonnieres to be the same except for the grooms boutonniere

or have them slightly different? Pic #4

Pin on corsages are $8.00 each. Pic #4

How many corsages will you need? Mother of the groom-Mother of the bride

Grandmother of the groom- grandmother of the bride-Aunts-special guest

Do you want all of the corsages to be alike or slightly different?

Wrist corsage made onto pearl or crystal bracelets are $18.00 each.  Pic #5

Wrist corsages are great for the Jr.Bridesmaids or for anyone in your wedding party.

Larger wrist corsages can be worn by all of your girl’s in the wedding such as your Bridesmaids, moh’s, etc.

Then the Mothers could wear the pin on corsages to make theirs different.

Small flower girl wrist corsages made onto ribbons tied behind the wrist or $7.00 each.

Do you have any pictures of flower sets or bouquets you have liked that you can email

me so I can see what you have envisioned for your flowers?

Do you like any of the bouquet's or flower sets I have shown on this site?

If you would like to get even more ideas.

Please visit my Pinterest pages at: https://www.pinterest.com/bethlee13/

Let me know if you have any questions,

Pic #1 is a Cascading style bouquet

Pic #2 Is a tear shape bouquet

Pic #3 is a brides large round bouquet

Pic #4 This white rose wrapped in silver matching set has a pin on corsage on the left side.
On the right side is the men's matching boutonniere. A white rose wrapped in silver.

 Pic #5 Is a large wrist corsage designed for a bridesmaid.